About Me:

                     Welcome! My name's Ben, and for the past few years I have been training hard to turn my obsession with the intersection of music and visual media into a career. To this end, I have worked to develop as comprehensive a skill set as possible throughout the fields of these media. I have been producing music and practicing sound engineering for the past nine years, and have been working to combine sound with photography, motion graphics and VFX for the past five. These days I spend my time working on personal and collaborative projects such as directing music videos, designing album art, scoring web series' and video games, producing podcasts, and designing visual suites for musicians- always love the collaborations, working with other artists and that. I've also done free lance work for organizations of people, creating posters, event trailers, social media content, and helping with online promotion. I love creative projects of all kinds- if you see my stuff on the other page and think we could do something cool together hit my line, I would be jazzed to work for or with you. Any musicians help yourself to the free sample packs on the samples page :)

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